hue menu 2 is a simple and delightful way to control your Philips hue light bulbs right from your Mac's Menu Bar.  The best  App for your Philips hue lights on Mac OS X has been totally redesigned from the ground up to increase responsiveness, usability with a new, attractive and clear user interface.

extension widget

With hue menu 2 you can now control all your Philips hue lights right from the Today View in the Notification Center on OS X Yosemite. Effortlessly and quickly change the color and brightness of your lights!

mini menu mode

Mini menu mode will help you to control a large number of individual Philips hue lights more easily!

dark mode

You can now enjoy hue menu 2 with OS X Yosmite’s dark mode.

scripting integration

With OS X Yosemite scripting capabilities (AppleScript and JavaScript) you can automate your Philips hue lights on your Mac and control them with

your voice.

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