1. Launch hue menu from the Application folder, the search for your hue bridge will start immediately. Please be sure to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your hue bridge.

2. hue menu will search for the hue bridge.

3. Once your hue bridge is detected you will see the following message "Press Button on Hue and Release it". Please press the central button on your hue bridge and release it immediately. (If it fails please go to 5.)

4. If the pairing is successful you will see the Found Hue message with the IP Address of your hue bridge. Simply click on the Save button and you can start using Hue Menu.

5. If the pairing is unsuccessful. Please unplug your hue bridge. Replug your hue bridge.

6. Go to the Philips Hue iOS App and turn off DHCP.

7. Restart your Mac. Go to Step 1. If it still does not work please email-us.